Hi all!

I am Jack, I am the newest member of the PandaServ team! I look forward to working with all of you and making your experience with us the best it can be.

I am here to announce to you all the improvement and updates we have coming up. All of the improvements I mention will be completed asap but I cannot give a date and time as we work with other companies to help in the process.

Our main project at the moment is hardware. We are getting some more servers to open up our budget and premium plans and to improve internet speed. This will also make the process automatic and remove all of the setup fees. 

As we do buy these servers, budget and premium plans will go up as the improvements you recieve are worth it. All customers who currently have a server with us will continue with their servers at their current price.

We are also improving support. This is why I am here. We will be implementing a live chat for quick efficient chat and improving ticket response.

We are also making an interactive map for you all to view the location of our servers! Along with this we are improving our multicraft panel in every way. We are improving speed, customising the site and making it all automatic for spooth and simple transactions.

To top off these improvements we have already begun in creating a knowledgbase for quick and easy help for all your problems.

If you wish to recommend information you think we should include in our knoweldge base or have any questions about these improvements please do not hesitate to sumit a ticket! We are here to help :)


Support manager

Sunday, April 19, 2015

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