Hello everybody.

We are right around the corner of starting the upgrade of our dedicated servers. Better hardware, without any price changes, we at PandaServ will take the extra cost.

There will be a change of java version; we are going from java 7 to java 8 in the new servers, so please update your system after your server has been upgraded.

As a celebration of our new servers, we are offering a 50% discount code that will last as long as we are upgrading our servers.
Discount code: dediupgrade

All current customers will have this discount updated on their orders, by us today. Next invoice will get 50% discount.

When we change out our servers, all current customers will have to change their IP as the dedicated IP follows the dedicated server (hence the reason for current customers get 50% discount).

There will be a status page to see how far we have gotten on the server upgarade. It will be announced together with our webpage update within a few days.

Keep yourself up to date on the server update with this link! http://pandaserv.net/status.php

Sunday, October 11, 2015

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