Recommended plugins and installation

Plugins are what brings your server to life! Without them you could only build. There would be limited commands and no groups!

Below are a list of the plugins we reccommend to get your server underway. They are the foundation plugins every server uses:

Essentials A wide range of commands and controls server activity. A must get plugin
World Edit Use of the wooden axe to creat large structures with a simple command
World Guard Protect areas from greifing
Group Manager OR PermissionsEX Create groups to show staff from normal players
Votifier Connects to voting site to reward players when they vote and creates the /vote commands.
Autorank OR Rankup Used to rank players up to give them something to work towards. 
Banitem Ban items that can lag the server or can be used to greif.
GreifPrevention Protects land and prevents it from being greifed.
Iconomy Manages money and connects to other plugins that use money to run.

Some of these plugins are not essential but are recommended by us.

To install these plugins complete the following easy steps:

1. Stop your server
2. Go into your FTP server
3. Navigate to your plugins folder
4. Upload your plugin .jar file into this folder
5. Restart your server

When the server is restarted the plugin will automatically make a folder that will contain items such as the configuration file. This can be used to customise the plugin to your liking. For an extra fee our support team can help with the configuration of any plugin!

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