FTP - Thirdparty program

We recommend two types of FTP programs in general.
1. FileZilla (for transferring large number of files)
2. WinSCP (for config editing etc.)

It is generally used for accessing your FTP server and uploading files larger than the 2MB limit on your normal multicraft ftp panel.
Below are the steps on how to setup and use FileZilla to manage your server files.

If you want to use FileZilla, follow these steps:
1. Download FileZilla here
2. Go to the Multicraft panel, choose your server and click on the following: Files--> FTP File Access.
3. Gather the following logon information: Host IP, Username, Password and the port.
4. Install and open up FileZilla
5. On the top row there should be 4 small text boxes with the IP, username.serverid, password and port heading in front of them. 
6. Enter your personal FTP server information in each box. 
7. Click "Quick Connect"

If you want to use WinSCP, follow these steps:
1. Download WinSCP here

2. Go to your FTP database on your minecraft panel and gather the following logon information: Host IP, Username, Password and the port.
3. Install and open up WinSCP
4. When you first launch a screen will pop up saying "New Site" Click this and then make sure to select "File Protocol: FTP"
5. Enter your personal FTP server information in each box.
6. Click "Save" (Optional)
7. Click Login (or if you saved just double click the name you saved for that server)

You should now have connected to your server folder. If you have any problems at this stage, submit a ticket. We are always happy to help :)

To install any item such as plugins you follow 3 easy steps:

1. Stop your server
2. Drag your file in it's recommended folder
3. Start your server!

Good luck with using FileZilla/WinSCP for your FTP application! For any extra help please contact us over our discord server!

Also a video tutorial:

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