Server setup - Working with MySQL

MySQL is a complicated section for managing your very own minecraft server.

MySQL is used to save data and keep it stored. Many plugins use this to host their data one rather than using your total RAM to hold their information.

Here at PandaServ we strive to save you as much as we can, as-well as save you RAM in any way possible. Therefor we have integrated MySQL into our servers which makes it free for all customers.

How do I set up MySQL?

Setting up MySQL is easy. Just follow the simple steps below to set your database up.

1. Click on the advanced drop-down menu on the left of your hosting panel.
2. Click on MySQL.
3. Setup a database with a simple click of a button!

As easy as this is, once your database is setup, MySQL can be hard to manage and understand. Therefor PandaServ staff recommend a following tool known as the MySQL Workbench.
A safe version of this is available for download at the following link: 

If you need any extra help, please contact us over our discord server!

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