Junk Email Filter not working

If you receive a Microsoft Outlook saying "The Junk Email Filter is not available for your Microsoft Exchange email account because you are working online. To enable the Junk Email Filter for this account, switch to Cached Exchange Mode. Here are the steps to resolve this issue.


First, in the Top Left corner of outlook you want to press File.

Second, if you have multiple accounts synced to Outlook, please select your account from the dropdown menu.

Third, after you have selected your account or it is already selected click on Account Settings dropdown menu.

Fourth, select Account Settings

Fifth, select the Account that you need to change the setting for OR do this for all accounts in your outlook from this menu.

Next, you want to select change from the options given in the screenshot above.

Afterwards, select "Use Cached Exchange Mode to download email to an Outlook data file." and select download email for the past year. (emails after a year will remain on the server just not in your outlook)

Now Restart Outlook and you should be good to go.

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