Give another user access to you server in multicraft

First there is one thing that has to be in order to make this happen.

  1. Log into your multicraft account
  2. Click on Register tab next to Servers
  3. Create the new account

When all of this is in order, please do the following:

  1. Access the server you want to give access to
  2. Click on advanced
  3. Click on users
  4. You will now find a list of who you can give access to FTP access and server access from the panel

This is the list of roles and the access they get:

  • Guest
    Can see basic information about a server like online status and number of players
  • User
    Can use chat, view available commands and use certain cheat functionality if enabled by the server owner
  • Moderator
    Can start servers, use the "admin say" command, see the server console, summon/kick/tp players, use the "give" command and download backups
  • Super Moderator
    Can issue server commands, stop/restart the server and start backups
  • Administrator
    Has full control over all server functions such as managing players, editing configs, etc.
  • Co-Owner
    Can assign FTP access to other users

If this for some reason doesn't work, make a ticket about the matter or contact us on the live chat, we will then help you out as soon as possible.

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